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Client Testimonials

Listen to what a few of our very satisfied customers had to say about Dana’s

My wife and I have been relying on Dana's Housekeeping Service for the past decade and have always been pleased with the personnel provided to us for our housekeeping needs. The staff is reliable, thorough, ready to provide us with any special requirements that we may have regarding shutters, windows, fragile glass object, etc. Dana’s team is always ready to please. Dana's is also flexible when it comes to scheduling in order to meet the household's needs. If we need to change, or there is a need to substitute someone on a temporary basis, we know that based on their past reliability, we have trust that the right person will be provided to us. My wife and I highly recommend Dana's Housekeeping for anyone looking to establish a long-term relationship with a quality housekeeping service.

C.B. - Chino Hills

I give Dana's a great review, I am a fan for sure. Simply put, I realized that I would be working from home yesterday and at noon I realized it would be a great idea to call a cleaning service since I am there to provide access (usually the toughest part to set up since I live downtown and work in C-Bad). There were a few options on-line, but I reached someone at Dana's and they were straight to the point and said they may be able to get someone to my house that afternoon. After 30 minutes they called back and confirmed someone was on their way. Once the person arrived I prepared the cleaning items and they were off. The cleaning was good, and would have been better if I had moved some items to optimize access, so I couldn't be happier considering the circumstances. Dana's also offers a reasonable monthly rate so I anticipate seeing them again on a regular basis. I would recommend this service.

I.T. - San Diego

This is a note to let you know how happy and pleased I have been with Dana Housekeeping. I have been with them for about 4 years. I started to use Dana's when I broke my wrist and have been hooked ever since. The office manager has been a great life line for me. Any scheduling problems I may have she is willing to work with me, and that helps make my life easier. She has been so nice and easy to work with. Janelle is the young lady who cleans my house and what a pleasure. Not only does she do a great job but she is always so pleasant. Always a smile like she is so happy to see me, I also found that it’s a great gift to give people. I gave a three hour gift to my friend who has cancer. She thought that was the best gift ever.

Romelle - North Hollywood

Dana's, I can't thank you enough for the great service you provide. We have been using your services since 2003 and every time I call, you treat me like I am a priority. We may have gone through several cleaners (not because of their service) but now we have Theresa. What a gem she is. My husband and I are both disabled for different reasons and she always cares about our needs. When my bedroom doors are closed she never bothers me and always does something to make up for not cleaning my room. I don't think I will ever change and I would refer anyone to use Dana's. Thank you for all you do.

P & L - Rancho Cucamonga

It has been so nice to have Sherri working with us for the past year and a half. She has exceptional attention to detail, and generally tries to take time each visit to go above and beyond her expected tasks. She is not only hard-working and dependable, but she is a sweet, trust-worthy individual whom I enjoy having in my home. We feel lucky to have found her!

JG - San Clemente

I went through seven housekeepers in the past 8 or 9 years. My housekeeper does things other people won’t do. She does my laundry, my fans, anything I ask. She is just fantastic…I don’t love her-I love her, love her!

D.B. - Corona

WOW! What can I say? Dana's Housekeeping Service is my new hero. They came and cleaned my place, did an amazingly beautiful job, never once complained - after another company refused to clean my home. My place looks wonderful and they organized it in such a way that it will be easy for me to keep up. I am going to have them return every 2 weeks. The 2 women that came to clean my home were awesome. They were great with my dogs, fun to work with - it was like having friends over! I can't wait for them to return! The office manager was great about scheduling my appointment on short notice and they were very accommodating. I never thought my place could look so good - I almost thought I was in the wrong place! This company is great!

Mindy R. - San Diego

My mom is absolutely crazy about her housekeeper. She’s pleasant, upbeat and professional. She’s my mom’s new best friend!

T.A. - Temecula

I've been very happy with Danas Housekeeping, they are very friendly and always willing to work with us. We've had several great housekeepers and always look forward to their visit. I don't know what I'd do without them!

Ron F. - Tujunga

I had to let my former cleaning service go after several mishaps and was on the hunt for a new company. I tried Dana's after seeing a coupon for them and was very impressed from the beginning. The owner/manager took the time to ask about my preferences and what I was looking for, and matched me with a great housekeeper who has been a godsend. I get a 4-hour service for $72 and the house sparkles when she's done. What I especially like about Dana's is that you tell them what you need done during any particular visit. Windows washed? Fridge cleaned? No problem, and no extra charge like some companies have. Too tired, busy or just plain lazy to clean your own house? (That's me! I've got better things to do) Give Dana's a try!

Christine M. - La Mesa

Dana's Housekeeping has been a great help to me. They are 100% reliable! I love their reasonable rates and referral programs. I get free services or discounts just for referring a friend! They are always professional, punctual, and courteous. I absolutely love how every contractor I've had is a great communicator, speaks perfect English, and is very polite. The office manager has a very positive, can-do attitude; she has a polished work ethic and is very professional. She quickly addresses any issues I have with her contractors and is always willing to do whatever it takes to make me, the customer, happy. Dana's Housekeeping is a reputable company with no complaints filed against them with the Better Business Bureau. I will continue to do business with them for many years to come!

J.S. - Diamond Bar

I've been using Dana's for years. I can't afford a regular cleaner, but occasionally when the need arises, I call Dana's and they set me up with a professional cleaner at a very affordable price. They always accommodate my schedule and budget. I never worry about theft or damage to my home when using them. Recently, I used them for move-in/move-out cleaning. They sent a team of two cleaners who worked miracles.

Angie R. - San Diego

Dana's Housekeeping is an excellent referral agency. It is extremely reliable because the housekeepers are conscientious and efficient. If a housekeeper is unavailable, a replacement is sent out quick! The management is very easy to contact and accommodating. I would highly recommend this agency to anyone.

Miriam - Agoura Hills

My housekeeper is wonderful. She helps so much, she knows just what to do and she does it! She is just a wonder!

M.S. - Rialto

Dana's Housekeeping is fabulous - they have never let me down. Their staff has always been extremely competent, thorough, reliable, and cheerful. They look for extra things to do. They keep me sane! They have my highest recommendation.

Marybeth - North Hollywood

After reading all the heated discussions on line about some of the other housekeeping services, I decided to try Dana's. I found the pricing (two-tiered depending on whether you or the housekeeper provides cleaning supplies) was VERY reasonable. The person who came here was timely and did an excellent job of cleaning. I will contact them again when I need help. I am soooo relieved to have found a good service.

B.B. - San Diego

I don't know what I would do without Sherri, she is like a part of our family. She goes beyond our expectations and always does a little something extra each visit. Sherri really knows how to please us.

Renee S. - Laguna Niguel